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Dr. Duncan Omanga wins Facebook Research Grant

Dr Omanga

Dr. Duncan Omanga, the Head, Department of Publishing and Media Studies, School of Information Sciences has won the inaugural Facebook Research Award, under the Facebook Protect and Care Research projects. Dr. Omanga was the only successful candidate from Africa in a global competitive process in which the Social media giant seeks to find out how the platform has embedded the complex lives of its users. Dr. Omanga will use the grant to run a project in Kayole, Umoja and Huruma Estates of Nairobi, in seeking to probe the intersections of journalistic routines, community policing and Facebook, by way of an investigation of the life-worlds and discursive practices that locate criminal gangs, digital publics and the police service in one social media space. The research award of 50,000 US dollars includes a possibility to work with selected graduate students, and a visit to the Menlo Park, California, the headquarters of the social media giant, Facebook.

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