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Diploma Programmes

1.      School of Education

            1.      Early Childhood and Primary Education

            2.      Education Arts

            3.      Pedagogy

 2.      School of Human Resource Development

            1.      Human Resource Management (1 year)

            2.      Public Relations (1 year)

            3.      Entrepreneurship Studies (1 year)

4.      Project Planning and Development (1 year)

 3.      School of Information Sciences

           1.      Diploma in Information Technology

           2.      Diploma in Journalism and Mass Media

           3.      Diploma in Publishing Studies

 4.       School of Public Health

                   1.  Diploma in Community Health (MU/AMREF)

               2. Diploma in Community Health and Development

 5.       School of Business and Economics

1.      Diploma in Business Management

2.      Diploma in Economics

3.      Diploma in Agricultural Resource Management

4.      Diploma in Aviation Management

5.      Diploma in Sports Management


6.      School of Tourism, Hospitality and Events Management

1.      Diploma in Tourism Management (DTM)

2.      Diploma in Sustainable Tourism and Wildlife management (DST&WM)

3.      Diploma in Travel and Tour Guiding (DTTG)

4.      Diploma in Air Travel Services Management (DASM)

5.      Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management (DHRM)

6.      Diploma in Event Management (DEM)


 7.      School of Arts and Social Sciences

1.      Diploma in Social Work

2.      Diploma in Criminology

3.      Diploma in Public Administration

4.      Diploma in Religious Studies

5.      Diploma in Childrens Literature

6.      Diploma in Literary Criticism

7.      Diploma in Literary Journalism

8.      Diploma in Creative Writing

9.      Diploma in Theatre

10.  Diploma in Film

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