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Hilary Ng'weno Conference

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Conference Date: 14th – 15th October 2021,


Venue: Moi University, School of Information Sciences, Kenya and Virtual


'Celebrating the Life of a Media Icon'



Mr. Hilary Bonface Ng’weno contributed immensely in shaping the media and publishing industry in Kenya, making him a media icon in both print and broadcast media. Before his demise, his works were donated to Moi University resulting in the establishment of The Hilary Ng’weno Centre for East Africa Media Research in 2015. The Centre is to perform a number of activities including: Acting as a repository of Kenya’s media history, organizing and coordinating The Hilary Ng’weno Annual Lectures, encouraging collaborations/ partnerships with national, regional and international organizations with similar interests; and organizing panels and forums in local and international conferences. In addition, faculty and students with support/ contribution of the media industry and society in general are expected to develop a sound knowledge base and promote research in various specialized fields in the media and publishing sectors as well as contribute to the development of the media and information industry nationally, regionally and internationally.


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