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Vice Chancellor's Speech during First Year Students' Orientation 2018 at the Students’ Centre, Main Campus

On Friday August 31, 2018

• My Deputy Vice Chancellors,
• Other Management Members present,
• The Deans of various Schools,
• The Heads of Departments,
• Staff,
• Students,
• Ladies and gentlemen.

Good morning.

I wish to take this singular opportunity to welcome our beloved First Year Students for the 2018/2019 academic year to Moi University.

I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate them for making it to Moi University, after working hard because many would have wished to be here with us today but did not make it because of one reason or the other.

I wish to express my sincere gratitude to you for making Moi University your first choice of all the institutions of higher learning in Kenya. You made the right choice and I want to assure you that you will not regret.

We don’t take your choice for granted and I want to promise you that together with my dedicated team, we shall make sure that your dreams come true. But your cooperation is very important in all this.

I urge students to make good use of the available resources at Moi University to attain their goals. This is just the beginning of a long journey. In order to realize your dreams, you should remain steadfast and focused from the beginning upto the end.

The few years you are going to spend at Moi University should be optimally utilized so that when time comes for you to leave at the completion of your courses, you will be proud to be associated with Moi University and the community should see value in your education.

You must have realized during the few days you have spent here that life at University is totally different from your respective high schools where you came from.

Teachers at your former high schools were always following you up to see what you were doing, and even some of you hated school life because it resembled some sort of a “prison”.

But now you have joined the world where you are treated as adults and you are at liberty to make your own decisions and choices.
Whereas you are free to make decisions with no one policing you any more, I must remind you that choices have consequences. You should always make decisions that you will not live to regret.   

Friends complement our lives. No man is an island, and therefore, no human being can live without friends. But the friends who make our company should be those that can build us. You have come from different backgrounds, which is good because you are at an advantage to reap the benefits of diversity. But you should be careful with friends who want to mislead you. Currently, Kenya and the international community are on high alert due to the terror groups that are targeting institutions of learning to recruit students into their ranks and files. Such groups come with money that they use to entice students to join them. You should be careful with such groups. They may use your closest friends to recruit you.
Dear students, I urge you also to beware of the growing abuse of drugs by University students across the country. This is a real threat to your careers. You should resist any allure of joining groups or friends that will lead you to abuse of drugs. Drugs are addictive and the moment you begin the habit, it is difficult to quit.

You should also be aware that the HIV/AIDS scourge is still in our midst. Now that you are in a free world, don’t be tempted to compensate for the time you were under “lock and key” at high schools to engage in irresponsible sexual behaviours.

You should also avoid engaging in any criminal acts. The long arm of Government will catch up with those who want to go astray. You should know that there is no shortcut to become rich. You must work for every penny that goes into your pocket.

We shall be happy and proud of you when you walk out of Moi University at the end of your courses as upright individuals pregnant with knowledge and skills sipped from the Foundation of Knowledge, and ready to serve the nation.

With these few remarks, I would like to wish our first year students a safe stay at Moi University.

Thank you.
May God bless you all.


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