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Vice Chancellor's Speech during 36th Graduation Ceremony 2018 at the Graduation Pavilion, Main Campus

On Friday August 24, 2018

•    The Chancellor, Moi University, Prof. Miriam K. Were,
•    The Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Education, Amb. (Dr.) Amina C. Mohamed,
•    The Principal Secretary State Department of University Education and Research, Prof. Collette Suda,
•    Members of Council, Moi University,
•    Vice Chancellors of other Universities present,
•    The Deputy Vice Chancellors,
•    The Management Board Members,
•    The Deans of various Schools,
•    The Heads of Departments,
•    Professors and Lecturers,
•    Graduands,
•    Staff and Students,
•    Members of the Press,
•    Distinguished Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good Morning.
It is a great pleasure to be part of the great family of Moi University, Kenya’s second Public University. This 36th Graduation Ceremony is my first to attend as the Vice-Chancellor of this great Institution, having just been installed.
I take this singular opportunity to welcome our distinguished guests who include Education Cabinet Secretary, Amb. (Dr.) Amina C. Mohamed, Principal Secretary and Chief Administrative Secretary for University Education and Research, Prof. Collette Suda, our Chancellor Prof. Miriam Khamadi Were, Chairman of Council, Dr. Jeremiah Ntoloi Ole Koshal and Members of the University Management Board and the entire University fraternity, who have set aside their time to be with us.
I would also wish to congratulate our Graduands who have worked hard to ensure that they complete their academic programmes successfully. Certainly, their hard work, determination and prayers have finally borne fruit. We sincerely thank the parents, guardians and sponsors for the immense support to the Graduands to pursue their studies to completion.
We  are  privileged  to  be  led  by  the  Chancellor  who  has  played  an  active  role globally  in  improving  the  livelihood  of  humanity .  I  also  thank  the  Council, Senate,  and  Members  of  Management  for  their  effort,  which  has  led  to development  of  the  Institution.  The student leadership has also contributed in ensuring that there is harmony between the student fraternity and Management despite some of the challenges that we have faced.
We  are  proud  of  the  great  contributions  that  Moi University has  made in  higher education,  research  and  extension,  and  this informs our decisions. We have reached a deliberate decision to revert to our original mission in 1984 of being a University of Science, Technology and Innovation. We intend to expand our pogrammes to target Science and Technology. In the recent past, we have seen our students come up with ground breaking innovations such as the HIV Subdermal Implant that will help eradicate swallowing of ARVs, social chat app, ALLY, that allows one to interact with other people throughout the world in a more fun way and Fall Army Worm pesticide that promises to unriddle the devastating impact of the destructive pest to farmers across the world, just to mention but a few. We are committed to have all innovations by our staff and students patented to enable them reap maximum benefits from them. Further, an Office of Career Services has been established for mentorship of students to attain soft skills and academic advice.
Moi University has fully embraced the Government’s Big Four Development Agenda. To this end, we purpose to further our researches in the fields of health, food security, housing and manufacturing. We have embarked on full modernization of Rivatex East Africa Limited using a bilateral loan of Ksh3 Billion from the Exim Bank of India. At the completion of the modernisation process at the end of this year, Rivatex will attain product diversification and expansion of its market across the East African Region and also export of textile products globally through the Export Processing Zones. We are also expanding our ELIMU Millers to produce more maize flour, animal feeds and introduce milling of wheat flour. We also plan to introduce an Artificial Insemination Centre for cows and an Agro-Vet Shop to serve farmers. All these are aimed at rationalizing our Income Generating Units to ensure they have business value and address our core business. These are some of the things that will accelerate transformation of our country into a rapidly industrialising middle-income nation, and eventual realization of the tenets of Kenya Vision 2030, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and African Agenda 2063. We are re-aligning our academic programmes and research activities to the “Big Four Agenda” for National development and anchor them with industry and our original vision to be “a University of Choice in Nurturing Innovation and Talent in Science, Technology and Development”. Key in our endeavours is to maintain the relevance of our University to enhance employability of our graduates. We are also re-organizing our governance and management to be more responsive and efficient in service delivery.
The modernization of Rivatex will also come along with the establishment of a Skills Development Mechatronics Centre at Main Campus. The Centre will be set up in collaboration with Lakshmi Machine Works Limited, the Indian Company that is installing new machines at Rivatex. This will be a boost to our Incubation Centre that seeks to nurture student and staff innovations. It is worth noting that Rivatex provided the bedrock upon which Moi University relied to win the Digital Literacy Programme (DLP) and the World Bank-funded Africa Centre of Excellence in Phytochemicals, Textiles and Renewable Energy (PTRE), both massive projects that have put Moi University on the global radar as an innovation and technology-based University.
In promotion of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we have come up with models that address community needs both locally and nationally. We are in the process of establishing a Soil Testing Laboratory at the Main Campus to help farmers establish fertility levels of their soils to know what fertilizers to apply to their crops. We are also in partnership with Uasin Gishu County Government to make a major facelift of Kesses to spur development of the area. There is a plan to draw a road network for murraming and tarmacking in Kesses to ease transport and extension of street lighting from Kesses Health Centre to Cheboiywo Market through Moi University to enhance security. In the same breadth, through the Moi University Kesses Constituency (MUKESCO) Sports Day that is to be held every 22nd of September, the University envisages a harmonious co-existence with the community.
We purpose to refocus on development of the Main Campus. To this end, we have embarked on strategies of mobilizing resources for the University. We intend to establish a full-time Directorate of Resource Mobilisation whose main goal will be to look for strategic partners who can fund major development projects in the University. The University is keen on mobilizing its own resources from the donors, Alumni and research so that we depend less on the Ex-chequer. We have many stalled projects that need to be completed. I, therefore, urge the Alumni to get involved in the University activities, bearing in mind that we need more resources.
Further, we have embarked on the path of rationalizing our Campuses, and we are looking forward to soon having our Odera Akang’o College Campus located in Yala, Siaya County, gain University College status. This will ensure that it is efficient and sustainable.
Moi University is determined to rebrand itself. We want to shed our past ways of doing things. In this path, we promise to walk together with every staff, student and all interested parties to realize the rebirth of Moi University. The issue of “missing marks” that has dogged many institutions of higher learning will be a thing of the past. Students must get their examination results at the end of every semester to enable us slay the naughty dragon that drags the students’ completion of studies on time. We are focused on ensuring that students get a holistic education by providing a conducive learning environment and expanding the fields for co-curricular activities.
As I conclude, I would like to wish our Graduands success in their future undertakings and urge those who have not reached the academic pinnacle to consider coming back for their Masters and Doctorate degrees.


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