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Moi University hosts a Symposium “Power to the people? Patronage, Intervention and Transformation in African Performative Arts”

 Symbosium 2018 2

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The Department of Literature, Theatre and Film Studies, School of Arts and Social Sciences hosted an international symposium themed “Power to the People? Patronage, Intervention and Transformation in African Performative Arts,” which took place between 20th and 25th March. The symposium was a product of the continuing collaboration between Moi University and the University of Bayreuth, Germany.

Speaking during the official opening the symposium on behalf of the Vice Chancellor, the Dean School of Arts and Social Sciences, Prof. Peter Simatei hailed the partnership between University of Bayreuth and Moi University. Thanks to the collaboration between the two institutions faculty members and students from Moi University have been able to travel to Germany for various study programmes. On the other hand, Prof. Simatei noted, the partnership has enabled staff and students from Germany to visit Moi University as part of academic exchange, adding that this relationship is fostered through initiatives like the symposium on Patronage, Intervention and Transformation in African Performative Arts.

During the symposium, students from the Department of Literature, Theatre and Film Studies had an opportunity to direct and perform various plays. They also got a chance to screen some films they have produced.

Symbosium 2018 1A total of thirty two (32) papers were presented during the symposium, which attracted participants from various countries including Germany, Italy, Morocco, Nigeria, Cameroon, and Kenya. The symposium also attracted participants from other Kenyan universities such as Maasai Mara University, Technical University of Kenya, Kenyatta University and University of Nairobi. The papers as well as the group discussions approached the concepts of patronage, intervention and transformation from different perspectives namely, theatre, music, film. This was in fulfilment of the central objective in which the symposium sought to interrogate the aesthetic and motivational specifics of different artistic performances and the relation of protagonists—actors, the audience and the donors. Clearly, the presentations were able to demonstrate the mutual dependence of performative arts and patronage.

The conveners of the symposium were Prof. C. J. Odhiambo (Dean, School of Postgraduate Studies), Dr. Samuel Ndogo (Head, Department of Literature, Theatre and Film Studies) and Dr. Duncan Omanga (Head, Department of Media and Publishing). Other conveners from Germany were Prof. Clarissa Vierke (IAS, University of Bayreuth), Dr. Marie-Anne Kohl (fimt, University of Bayreuth) and Dr. Ricarda de Haas (BIGSAS alumna)

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