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Moi University second in Kenya in World Ranking

Moi University is ranked second in Kenya, fourth in East Africa and 2006th in the world by academic performance in the World University Ranking 2017-2018. The ranking conducted by University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) puts Moi University in category B. MOI UNIVERSITY ADMIN BLOCKDuring the period under the study, Moi University managed 7.69 articles and had 25.81 citations.

In Kenya, Moi University comes second to University of Nairobi that is ranked 1264th in the world in category B+ with 59.16 articles and 63.09 citations.

Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology is ranked third in Kenya and 2213th in the world in category B with 13.09 articles and 13.70 citations.

Kenyatta University closes the best four Kenyan universities being ranked in position 2282nd in the world in category B- with 9.96 articles and 10.61 citations.

In East Africa, Makerere University is ranked top and 735th in the world in category B++ with 64.73 articles and 64.97 citations.

University of Nairobi comes a distant second in East Africa, followed by University of Dar-es-Salaam, that is ranked 1828th in the world in category B with 15.65 articles and 26.33 citations.
1 Moi ranked second certificate
Harvard University is the best university in the world ranked in category A++ with 126 articles and 126 citations.

URAP is a non-profit organization with intention to help universities identify potential areas of progress with respect to specific academic performance indicators.
The ranking system’s focus is on academic quality. Since 2009, URAP gathers data about 4, 000 Higher Education Institutions (HEI) with highest number of publications to rank them by their academic performance.
The overall score of each HEI is based upon its performance over several indicators, which include articles, citation, total documents, article impact total, citation impact total and international collaboration.

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